Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Let’s try Nvim – A brief reflection

Inspired by ThePrimeagen, a YouTuber coder I’ve taken a liking to in recent weeks, I decided to give nvim a shot.

I had tried the ‘vim tutor’ a couple of times, but this was finally an excuse to commit and follow it to completion. As I was taking the time to follow Prime’s walk-through configuration, I learned about ‘package management’ aspect of vim/nvim, via packer; having the ability to add a fuzzy-finder(telescope) and install third-party color schemes (rose-pine) was particularly exciting. Mapping keyboard shortcuts and forming muscle memories to quickly bounce between files, I started to imagine how enabling the tool could be for getting things done. There was (and still is) a lot of potential.

There wasn’t exactly a specific use-case for the choosing to pickup this new tool, but in hindsight I’m excited to use it in both a personal and professional capacity, since vim is just about everywhere. The next step is uploading my dotfiles to an accessible repo, and replicating the experience I’ve grown accustomed to on my current personal computer.

I don’t mean to understate the quality of ThePrimeagen’s tutorial, either! At first, the pacing felt like I was trying to drink from a fire hose, but once I was able to orient myself and get the vim basics down, it was fun and exciting to fly through my file structure and customize the experience.

Here’s to more customization and dabbling in other terminal technologies! Thanks for reading. 🙂